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Country Group:The Himalayas (Tibet, Nepal, Mongolia and Other)
Item id: 7993

Vivid antique Himalayan Thangka( back had the right look and smell of a true antique- I had the chance to examine prior to framing). Unusual, very intense style- I could not look away from the central figure's gaze- it has a real presence to it. Even though approaching 100 years, colors are vivid, and condition is very clean- likely used little. Probably Tibetan, though the style is so distinctive, may be from somewhere else in the Himalayas. Framed with museum glass, thai silk and double matting. Inner mat measures 11.75 x 17 inches, frame measures 20 x 25.5

Availability : For Sale

Country: Tibet

Material: Paper

Pricing : $$$$

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