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Country Group:The Himalayas (Tibet, Nepal, Mongolia and Other)
Item id: 8990

18th C Tibetan or Nepalese Bodhisattva of long life cast in bronze, or possibly a Burmese example cast in Arakan to emulate the Tibetan type (the bronze, lacquer and gilding, and something about the face all suggest the possibility of this being a rare Arakan example). I have seen about a half a dozen of this style-mostly all larger-with this Arakan attribution over the past 30 years in high end shops in Thailand or in esoteric SE Asian books on SE Asian sculpture or in high end collections. Arakan is the far west region of Burma, which has a unique history and culture. They do have some Himalayan and Chinese influence in their northern part. Sits 5 inches tall x 3 inches across x 2 inches deep.

Availability : For Sale

Country: Tibet

Material: Bronze

Pricing : $$$$

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