It has taken me almost 16 years to finally complete this for every single item posted on the site. I apologize it has taken so long. More than 95% of items now have item measurements, at least brief descriptions, primary material and country of origin, and other information if I have any relevant to the piece to share with you. In many cases I give age estimates, in some I do not feel comfortable doing so. In others I feel comfortable simply describing the piece as "old" or "very old". I will continue to go back and improve descriptions written long ago (site began in 2001), and correct errors, remove pieces that are not correct (as I gain more information and discover more about pieces, if they are incorrect, they are removed immediately and either donated or sold at clearance ant a drastically reduced price with an ammended description) We always welcome input if you believe one of our descriptions is incorrect. Please understand if we do not implrement all feedback however, as we get conflicting feedback. We do however take all input seriously, and go back and seriously question what we have written previously, and hit the books to re-evaluate our thinking. You help us learn and we thank you for this.