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Antique set of antique Tibetan Buddhist "tools" cast out of iron or steel (a magnet sticks to both the box and the individual tools). Both the box and the individual tools are finely cast and constructed and finished. The implements fit perfectly in the box like a foot in a well-fitting shoe. The set looks to be several hundred years old based on the few related sets I have seen over the decades. All of those were being sold by high-end auction houses. The set includes ten implements, with eight long ones and two short ones, five with a half Dorje at one end, and 3 have half Dorjes at both ends. The box has a half Dorje sticking out of the middle of the top. Everything looks to be in original condition with no damage, losses, or repairs. Superb original patina - - (8.75"x 8.75" x 8.75" x 2") - 850

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