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Quartz crystal Buddha head, possibly Gandara era. If authentic from this period, it would be between 1500 and 2000 years old. If it is not a period piece, it could have been made at any time since it was made without evidence of modern tools or finishing techniques. Under high magnification, it appears to have aged, as evidenced by the kind of surface scratching that comes with time(such as a smoothness on the bottom).

I collected crystal Buddhas for many years, primarily South East Asian, with some Chinese and Himalayan. What I found was that the most important thing was to step back and look at the peace to see if it looks and feels “ right” and if the face and/or body feel animated or alive. It doesn’t matter if a piece is finally made or if everything about it is correct; if it doesn’t feel right, stay away.

This piece felt right to me, I am completely different than any other crystal I’ve offered. I am still searching for comps, as there must be few from this culture in Crystal as I've not encountered any. ( 2"H x 1.5"W x 1.75 "D ) - 110g

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