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Large Gandharan silver Stupa, with Buddhas on each side and Lions on each corner.

This is an extremely large and exceptionally rare gandharan Stupa. It is many times the size of the vast majority of this type that you come across. It is much more complex in the way that it is constructed, and and with the kind of ornamentation that it has.

And because it is so heavy, over the close to 2000 years, it has been in existence, it has literally started to collapse in on itself. This is a sign of authenticity, as this would be almost impossible to fake to look like this. The entire thing is quite stable.

Spend time with the photos. You can see the small separately formed body leaves near the top of the bell. You can see the four separate Buddhas, though, quite worn, you can still see their faces shine through.. the lions continue to guard. I believe at one time something sat just above the lions. Heads as there is a small indentation in a few spots to indicate this possibility.

Overall, the Stupa has a particularly pleasing shape, more stout, and muscular than most stupas from this time.

11"H x 7"W x 6.5"D ) - 1.275kg // 2.82lbs (silver-unsure of purity-reason it is sinking is because it is soft from being made of silver.)

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