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Country Group:South and Southeast Asia (Thailand, Burma, Laos, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Vietnam)
Item id: 1109

This is a special Hanuman, in the range of 250 to 300 years old. He is in deep concentration, well on his way to enlightenment. This form of Hanuman embodies the spirit of service and devotion- he is the, other than the basic Buddha form, my favorite of all Hindu and Buddhist figures. He is quite large at 10 inches tall including the separately cast base, which is now permanently attached. The figure is solid cast, and including the base weighs 46.3 ounces. He is large enough that he warrants having loops on the base to carry in festival processions. He is made of an alloy which doses not seen to darken- he is a beautiful golden color. Traces of old red devotional powder. Out of an extensive German collection, and has been in my personal collection.

Availability : Sold

Country: India

Material: Other metal

Dating: 17th Century - 18th Century

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