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Country Group:The Himalayas (Tibet, Nepal, Mongolia and Other)
Item id: 1140

Uncommon large Tibetan repousse Buddha made of copper or a high content copper alloy with an uncommon gilding. He is extremely large at over 14.5 inches tall by over 9. inches wide at the base. He is holding a (removable) medicine bowl in one hand, and had a post sticking out of the other which presumably once held a dorge which is long gone.. I purchased him with a group of items, and while he looked ok, he was quite dirty and faded looking. As I washed him, his eyes began to shine though along with is wonderful color. He literally came alive. Generally in excellent condition, with some age corrosion as can be seen the photos. The bottom was sealed at one time, but it is almost impossible to find such large (authentically old) Tibetan figures with the bottoms still intact .Looks to be late 19th to in to the beginning of the century. Lovely!

Availability : Sold

Country: Tibet

Material: Other metal

Dating: 19th Century

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