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Country Group:China, Japan and Korea
Item id: 1242

Fascinating mid-1800’s thickly cast iron alloy Korean sculpture of Kannon, Bodhisattva of Compassion. He was purchased from the estate of a prominent family who have owned this for more than 100 years. They were living in China in the 19th century and were involved in business there, and amassed an impressive antique collection. They were reportedly told when they purchased him that he was cast out of melted down meteorites! While I have not attempted to verify this scientifically, it is interesting to note that according to the family member who sold him to me, that he had spent several decades outside in a garden without rusting. The underside looks really unusual, with a combination of looking almost the same it did the statue was made along with a reddish patina in places, and what looks like some white mineral leeching out over much of the underside. That family member had talked to someone at the Hayden Planetarium who had verified that iron alloy meteorite would probably not rust. He is quite large and heavy. He stands 20 inches tall by 10.5 inches wide at the base. His staff is separately cast, and is not set in place properly in the photos- it was an oversight, and typically sits with the bottom of the staff by his right foot, the top of the staff sitting much higher up in front of his right chest. In the end however, what matters is the impact of the piece as spiritual art. He has a deeply calm, quite, compassionate spiritual feel, and is utterly successful as a piece of sculpture. . A unique item.

Availability : Sold

Country: Korea

Material: Other metal

Dating: 19th Century

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