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Country Group: The Himalayas (Tibet, Nepal, Mongolia and Other)

Item id: 313

This is a fantastic Tibetan Buddhist bronze. It has a distinctive stiff ribbon framing the back like a halo, which is a feature found on some 13 to 15thC Tibetan bronzes. The face is sublime. Like many early bronzes, it was cleaned at some point. This is probably the earliest Tibetan piece I have had. There are a few turquoise pieces: I have no idea if they are original. The plate on the base appears original, although it may have been opened and resealed. It is in excellent condition, with no damage, loss or repairs. The surface has a wonderful silky smooth soft quality only found on quality early pieces. Selling this one is difficult, but I am trying to focus my own collection on early Thai and Burmese pieces, and have decided to list a few of my better Tibetan pieces to raise some funds. It is a good size at 6 and 7/8 inches high by 4 and 3/8 inches wide at the base. A special piece.

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$0 - $250
$251 - $800
$801 - $1700
$1701 - 3000
$3001 and up
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