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Country Group: China, Japan and Korea

Item id: 366

This is an authentic standing bronze Buddha from the earliest days of Chinese or Korean Buddhist art. It appears to have been de-accessioned from a museum collection, and to have number on it. It has significant wear, as can be seen in the photos. Bronze Buddhas from this early period are quite rare, and very few authentic ones make their way to Ebay. It is unfinished on the reverse, which was common in early bronze figural casting. It is extremely heavy for its size, and looks to have been very well cast for such an early date. It stands 7 inches tall not including the framed stand (stand is included: it looks good, but he could eventually use a museum mount). It weighs over 23 ounces. He is missing the front of his feet and his left hand, He has tremendous presence. This is a special piece for any collector or meditator

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$0 - $250
$251 - $800
$801 - $1700
$1701 - 3000
$3001 and up
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