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Country Group: The Himalayas (Tibet, Nepal, Mongolia and Other)

Item id: 432

This is a fine and early Tibetan Supa or Chorten, or Buddhist reliquary. These early ones are quite hard to find-this is the first one I have come accross. I identified a very closely related example in the Sotheby's New York March 28, 1996 Catalogue : I have included a photo and description of that Chorten(it is in the last photo: it is hard to tell the difference between the two pieces in the photos as they are so similar) , as well as the description, and final auction price of 2,070 dollars (plus the auction house commission of 17 percent). Mine is of the same quality, although it is one inch smaller (theirs is 6.5 inces tall, mine is 5.5 inches tall). The base on mine is sealed and has an early paper picture of a Bodhisattva over it (with extensive writing on the underside): I am unsure if it is reconsecrated, or if the seal is original. The copper plate is not oxidized, but it may have always been covered. There are a few original casting flaws, but the condition is excellent with no damage or repairs. My reserve for this one is less than half of the selling price of the Sotheby's example. I will include the the referenced auction catalogue and final prices realized list to the winning bidder.

Price Range

$0 - $250
$251 - $800
$801 - $1700
$1701 - 3000
$3001 and up
13th - 14th
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