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Country Group: The Himalayas (Tibet, Nepal, Mongolia and Other)

Item id: 522

This is a very special set of 3 matching bronze sculptures, which have been together for 300 years. They are a little out of my area of expertise, so much of the information I have on them comes from fellow collectors and dealers. They are a finely crafted set of the Hindu deities Kumer, Naran, and Vishnu. They are from Nepal, and were created by skilled Newari sculptors in the 18th century or earlier. Any one of them would be highly desirable: to find the 3 of them so finely sculpted in such well matched and complete condition is extremely rare. The face of Kumer (the smaller of the 3) is absolutely superb. It has the depth of the very greatest of spiritual sculpture. The sculptures of Vishnu and Naran are rubbed from centuries of devotion, but they still show some facial expression, and they have a very powerful devotional feel. Both Vishnu and Naran each have two fantastic Garudas flanking them at the base: each small Garuda is a wonderful sculpture in itself. Kumer stands 6 inches tall Vishu is 8 inches tall, and Naran is 7 inches tall. All are solid cast.

Price Range

$0 - $250
$251 - $800
$801 - $1700
$1701 - 3000
$3001 and up
16th - 18th
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