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Country Group: The Himalayas (Tibet, Nepal, Mongolia and Other)

Item id: 556

This is a fantastic 18/19thC Tibetan or Mongolian Bronze Buddha or Bodhisattva with a wonderfully expressive countenance. The photos capture the quality of the sculpting, but I was not able to capture the accurate color of the patina except in the photo of the full back side of the piece. It is in excellent condition. The sculpture is attached to the base by a screw from underneath: it appears that this was done long ago. I am guessing that this is possible from Mongolia because it is so unusual: the face and casting feel are so distinctive and striking that I get a sense that they come from a kingdom which is related to, but is different from most of the Himalayan kingdoms. It is a beautiful and striking image with power and grace. The head curator from Bonham Butterfields recently saw it and commented on the strength of the casting and the high overall quality. She was interested in considering it for one of their auctions. It is a nice size at 8.5 inches tall. I've not seen another like it anywhere.

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