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Country Group:China, Japan and Korea
Item id: 6518

A large and very early Chinese Bodhisattva from a century old US collection. Based on the face, style, look of the wood and polychrome, it is likely that this piece is as early as 11th century, and is almost certainly no later than 12/13thC. It was purchased just over 100 years ago by an (American) family living in China, where they lived in the late 19th/early 20th century as international merchants. It was shipped to the US in the 1930’s, where it sat in storage for 85 years until recently when the grandson (now in his 80’s) opened the storage unit and decided to disburse much of the collection. It is in good condition, as can be seen in the photos - most of the original polychrome remains. There is loss to the crown (which contained 3 Buddhas), loss and splits to the ribbons and missing hands. Otherwise, it is in remarkable condition for such an old wooden sculpture - as good as you will find. The piece is near life-size at a full 32.5 inches tall by 23 inches wide by close to 17 inches deep. Due to the size, age, and delicacy of this piece, it will need to be crated and shipped, which will cost a significant amount. However, these precautions will be taken to preserve the condition of this beauty, which has survived so well for so long. We will refer the winner to a local shipper, but will have winner arrrange shipping directly with shipper.

Availability : Auction

Country: China

Material: Wood

Dating: 11th Century - 12th Century

Pricing : $$$$$

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