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Country Group:The Himalayas (Tibet, Nepal, Mongolia and Other)
Item id: 6697

18/19thC or earlier Tibetan silver fierce deity in striking pose. Assembled out numerous separately cast parts. Some may be solid silver, and others may be silver covered. Some may be repousse. Almost impossible to tell the precise composition of the statue without literally taking it apart. Overall very heavy. NOT made of "Tibetan silver" (low alloy silver). Very unusual type- I've never had another like it. Some joints a little loose (though currently seems quite stable), and evidence that various joints have been reconnected more than once over its life- large and expressive hands and feet appear solid and to be quite heavy. Stands 8 inches tall, 10.75 inches tall including wooden base. Very special and unique!

Availability : Sold

Country: Tibet

Material: Silver

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