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Country Group:China, Japan and Korea
Item id: 6749

15/16thC Inner Mongolia/China. It was purchased by an American family living in China close to 100 years ago, when they lived there as international merchants. Most of their collection was shipped to the US in the 1930’s where it sat in storage for almost 70 years, until the 1990's, when the grandson (now in his 70’s) opened the storage unit and decided to disburse much of the collection. He remembers his grandfather talking about this piece in particular. His grandfather recounted that he obtained it while on a trip to inner Mongolia by horseback in the teens or early 1920's. Very fierce. Note the Buddhist swastika revealed in his chest. 28" tall, 13" wide. This is a fierce protective monk, not the Buddha. He was traditionally found as part of a group of 18 different monks. This was the fiercest of them all- literally tearing open his own chest to show the reverse swastika- an ancient symbol of the Buddhist Darma.

Availability : Sold

Country: China

Material: Wood

Dating: 15th Century - 16th Century

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