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Country Group:China, Japan and Korea
Item id: 7090

Antique Chinese Quanyin in a Ming style, though likely 19th/early 20thC. Exquisitely carved, with great sensitivity to the faces of both the figure and fantastic beast. Chipping/touch-up/repair, minor losses and wear to the surface, but otherwise complete with no major loss or repair. On this type (gesso over wood, lacquer over gesso, gilding over lacquer, it can easily get minor dings where the white of the gesso shows through (can be seen on the back). This is common and can easily be touched up if it occurs in the future. Sits an impressive 20 3/8 inches tall. I usually focus on bronze, but this piece really spoke to me. Extremely light weight.

Availability : Sold

Country: China

Material: Wood

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