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Country Group: China, Japan and Korea

Item id: 7121

Very well cast 165 year old Chinese Buddha. Inscription on the back says "Made in the second year of Taiping, 8th month, 16th day." Since The Taiping Rebellion began 1850, I guess this piece was made August 16, 1852. Done in a Liao emulation, as well as any I've seen. Shows the remains of many layers of lacquer and gilding. A good size at 9.5 inches tall. Does not appear to be bronze-looks like iron, but a magnet does not stick to it. I've not seen a Buddha like this before. I bought it because of the great attention to detail in all areas of casting and finishing- from the superb face to the incredibly expressive hands, to the exquisite folds in the robes and the remarkably elaborate lotus base. Also, I've never had a Chine Buddha which could be dated to the day it was made before.

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