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Country Group:The Himalayas (Tibet, Nepal, Mongolia and Other)
Item id: 7230

Rare Mongolian or Tibetan instrument used for "cupping" (do not know the Asian name for this object), where the device is heated (I've seen performed with a match held inside using a small cup) and then put to the skin to create a suction. After leaving on a short while, it leaves a round reddish welt. The process is repeated several times, and the person is relieved of what ailed them physically, spiritually, or emotionally. This process is used by different cultures for health/healing/removal of bad spirits, though this is the first Himalayan example of one of these I have encountered. Purchased directly from a Mongolian gentleman in California approximately 20 years ago - he reported it had been in his family many generations, but that he did not believe in its power and preferred the money. It stands 2 3/8 inches tall, opening diameter is 2 inches. NOTE - this will still work for its intended use.

Availability : For Sale

Country: Mongolia

Material: Bronze

Pricing : $$

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