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Country Group: China, Japan and Korea

Item id: 8105

Incredible circa 1900 Chinese Gilded Buddha with the most complex, skillful and intricate detail covering the entire body and the base. It was purchased from a German estate which had a number of high end Chinese bronzes from the 18 & 19th centuries, through a respected German Auction house. The bottom looks to have the original seal. The bottom plate patina is consistent with dating. It is very heavy, which is necessary due to all the metal used in casting. All I can say is -- look at the photos and take your time. There are so many dragons with a great texture to their skin. Also, there are many cloud forms everywhere, each perfectly sculpted, cast, finished and gilded. No matter how long you, look you'll see new things. No one I've shown it to has ever seen another like it. The detail deep into the armpits is as well done as the center of the chest. This was someone's meditation -- for months. Big at 10 inches tall by 7 inches wide at the knees. It could use a cleaning (I believe all dark spots are dirt and not loss of gilding. Although I have not tried to remove it all, so I am not positive. I did try in a few (small un-noticeable spots) and it did all come off in those areas. As complex and beautiful an example of casting as any I've ever offered for sale on my website.

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