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Item id: 8355

Superb 12/13thC style Western Tibetan Buddha with silver inlay. Stylistically it retains heavy Pala influence. Quite large at 9.5 inches (24 cm) in height. The general shape and style of the base was introduced during the Thakhuri period of the 12th century and it can be found on figures dating as late as the 18th century. While this piece has the quality and inlay suggestive of the period pieces, it is lighter in weight than the period pieces I have seen, so it is more likely an 18th C revival piece. The eyes are inlaid with silver; the lips are inlaid with copper; the face has sections that appear to be inlaid with real gold. Everything about it-from the floral scroll work, to the very fine casting and very careful finishing, to the masterful sculpting that brings in transitional influences from India and Tibet, is done with something "extra". This piece appears to have been consecrated in a Buddhist temple near Lhasa, Tibet and remains completely sealed with its original blessings. The consecration looks miraculously to never have been disturbed or been opened. All of this comes together to create an extremely fine Buddha of exceptional quality. I will re-post better photos within a month.

Availability : Sold

Country: Tibet

Material: Bronze

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