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Country Group:China, Japan and Korea
Item id: 853

Fabulous and large Chinese Monk from a high end, old east coast collection which goes back several generations. Pieces of this quality and condition (authentic ones) have not been available in China for sale for affordable prices for a very long time. The vast majority of those for sale on Ebay and from most non-high end sources tend to be modern copies or to be re-worked in some way. This one is authentic and untouched. The sculpting is extremely fine- he is sculpted from one piece of wood. A good amount of the original polychrome remains. There is wear and minor loss as expected from over 200 years of existence, but no significant damage or repairs or re-working of the patina. This is an A+ example of its type. The front of the robe is made to hang over a ledge- this gives him an even more spectacular look. He sits 17 inches up from where he sits plus 3 inches down over the edge with his robes for a total of 20 inches. He is 13 inches wide by 10 inches deep. Wonderful!!!.

Availability : Sold

Country: China

Material: Wood

Dating: 18th Century

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