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Country Group: The Himalayas (Tibet, Nepal, Mongolia and Other)

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A 15thC large iron sculpture of Marici on her Boar. This is a rare Ming sculpture of a young maiden deity, with budding breasts and youthful face, sitting on her wonderful animated boar, which is filled with personality and delight. This creature has as much gentleness, kindness and friendliness in his face and body as I've ever seen in any sculpted metal animal of any kind. What makes it all the more remarkable is that the piece is made of iron- a material that is harder to capture great detail than bronze, copper, or brass. The patina is fabulous-dark inside and out, with a surface that is pitted and smooth in a way that can only happen with great age. Purchased by the previous owner through a highly respected Eastern European auction house. Purchased as a private sale, not through the auction process. Qute large and very heavy at 15 1/2 inches tall by almost 9 inches wide at the base. She leans forward, showing she is made to sit in a high place and to be looked at from below. Actual color is captured in the first two photos (more orange/black) and in a few of the other photos with the same color palette. Had to use bright lights and the other photos show piece well, but not the color. An all time favorite, unlike any other piece I have owned in 30 years. Has a delicacy and presence that is hard to explain, but that is palpable when in its presence. Not cheap, but this is a world class piece.

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