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Country Group:The Himalayas (Tibet, Nepal, Mongolia and Other)
Item id: 8599

Classic late 18thC Mongolian Bronze Buddha. Purchased by the previous owner 50 years ago in Europe, I purchased it from his daugher. When I got it, it looked nearly black like this- I was very tempted to clean it, as the black looks like butterfat residue and other gunk from years of living in Mongolia- not a patina (I do not think), and I believe it would come out a golden color. As there are different philosophies and preferences about this sort of thing, I decided leave it for the next owner to decide. From the estate of a west coast USA collector of high end Himalayan and Chinese bronzes, who put his collection together in the 1960's and 70's. I also purchased a special inlaid Tibetan piece and a classic gilded Ming piece from the same collection. This piece measures 7" tall and 8.5" tall on its custom base.

Availability : Sold

Country: Mongolia

Material: Bronze

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