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Country Group:South and Southeast Asia (Thailand, Burma, Laos, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Vietnam)
Item id: 8727

Very uncommon vintage/old Tribal Buddha from Yunnan/Northern Laos, or from Northern Burma. I've heard different opinions regarding the origin of this style, but have never seen this type in a book so I don't know for sure. Made of pottery or ceramic material, though I am not sure exactly what it is. Some surface wear-otherwise excellent condition. One side of the mouth is a bit pushed in-appears to have occurred during firing, and is part of the original manufacture. I've had a number of this type over the years-none were more than a few inches tall-this one is huge at 20" tall, base is 5" x 7". Looks particularly good sitting in a high place, as he leans over and looks down. Was probably a temple piece.

Availability : For Sale

Country: Burma

Material: Ceramic

Pricing : $$$

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