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Country Group: The Himalayas (Tibet, Nepal, Mongolia and Other)

Item id: 90

This is a very high quality second half of the 18th Century Sino-Tibetan Amateyus. A large number of this type were made during the Quian Long period. The Emperor of China had them made in the royal workshops to be given out as gifts. I have heard that they were given out either for the occasion of hid birthday or his mother's birthday, and I'm not sure which is the case. They were reportedly given out as a symbol of long life. I have read this in more than one place, and seen enough of these very high quality pieces to confirm that this is true. The piece originally had a bowl in his hands. The bowl is often lost over the more than 200 years of this piece's life. Often the very beautiful back piece is also loss or damaged. This one is in excellent condition, with the back plate intact, as well as still having most of the original gilding. There are some letters or marks on the inner wall that can be seen underneath. Eight inches high including the back piece. An extremely beautiful and well crafted piece

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