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Country Group:China, Japan and Korea
Item id: 9012

Personal favorite. Finely cast gilt bronze, Tibeto-Chinese deity. Circa 18th/19thC (as per closely related piece in the 1981 Indo-Tibetan Bronzes by Von Schroeder). This piece measures 5 1/4 inches tall, 5 3/4 inches with its golden base, 3 inches wide from its wingspan, and 7 inches with its custom base. I've seen two of this figure in 25 years. The other two literally had slits for eyes and mouth and crude birds slapped on their heads, in comparison to this graceful beauty. Every feather on the bird and batwing is carefully detailed. He is perfectly balanced and seems almost ready to take off and fly. A rarity that has real charisma and approaches masterpiece- status. He almost seems alive.

Availability : For Sale

Country: China

Material: Bronze

Dating: 18th Century - 19th Century

Pricing : $$$$$

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