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Country Group:South and Southeast Asia (Thailand, Burma, Laos, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Vietnam)
Item id: 9022

13thC Crowned Khmer Buddha. From the collection of a wealthy east coast physician who put their collection together over 50 years. This Buddha is 20 inches tall, height on attached stand is almost 25 inches. Heavy, as it is either solid or nearly solid cast. Ninety eight% of this type of Buddha in this large size that looks so perfect tends to be fake, or to be 18thC emulations-this one is qualitatively different- based on the quality and feel of the casting, patina growing out of the metal, and overall "feel believe this one to be the real thing. I have had people who buy high end pieces like this want to take them to local experts or to get scientifically tested for age. Everyone who buys on my site can automatically return any piece for any reason for 2 or 3 weeks after purchase. If you want to do a test and need more time you can negotiate with me for additional time to study the piece in advance- I'll work with you to do whatever makes sense. The reason this piece is listed is because I recently made a very large purchase at the same time I medically retired from my "day job" and will be putting up some of my high end pieces in my personal collection.

Availability : For Sale

Country: Cambodia

Material: Bronze

Pricing : $$$$$

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