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Country Group:South and Southeast Asia (Thailand, Burma, Laos, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Vietnam)
Item id: 908

This is a 15thC Northern Thai Buddha of the highest caliber. He has an intense jade green patina with some traces of gilding and lacquer which is still evident around the hair . His face is supremely beautiful in a way which is hard to put in to words. This is simply one of the best Buddhas I have ever owned, and it is certainly the best I have ever offered for sale. It is also the most expensive, although for very good reason. Even in high end auction catalogues you will rarely find Northern Thai Buddhas of this quality (and when you do take a look at their auction estimates). Sits 15.25 inches tall by 10 inches wide at the knees, although he is larger than the dimensions convey. This Buddha (as is also true for many other medium and large high quality Northern Thai Buddhas of this type from this period) does not have the original base- they were removed during an early period during which the bronze was needed to make other Buddha images. On his traditional base this Buddha would sit a good 20 inches high.

Availability : Sold

Country: Thailand

Material: Bronze

Dating: 15th Century - 16th Century

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