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Rare large and powerful wax cast Javanese Bronze of Shiva. Unsure how to date- many hundreds of years old - a little under 9.5" ( 24.13cm ). Provincially sculpted, but the casting is very 3-dimensional and one of a kind. Note the incredible flower in his lap-magical!! Superb patina-overall top-notch Javanese statue.  
Notice the snake, which starts near the bottom of the sculpture and wraps itself around the figure and slowly makes it's way all the way up to the top of the head and you can see the Serpent's head just above the Gods head on the very top of the back plate-a remarkable thing! Take time and you will see it. like so many of the details on the sculpture, it was carefully made of wax-you can almost imagine the individual pedals and the tiny balls of the snake's eyes having been wax at one time.

Wax casting is a very ancient technique, and it can produce some of the most detailed bronzes possible. The biggest downside to it is that the way they create the sculpture is by pouring in liquid metal to an armature that has been carefully wrapped around the Wax sculpture destroys the wax original prototype-meaning the sculptor has to start all over from scratch. . As the liquid metal pours into the Armature, it replaces the wax and creates the sculpture as it solidifies.

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