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And all-time favorite-a Sublime 9th-century Burmese bronze Buddha.  being"Pyu", but I believe this it is sculpted in the Mon style. I believe I saw this very same Buddha in an early 1980's  Sotheby's or  Christie's catalog-I've sold off many of my catalogs, so I'mcannot find the catalog anymore. I can tell you that this very same Buddha made a big impression on me 30 years ago when I began collecting early and rare  Burmese bronze Buddhas-this Buddha has something so incredibly sensitive in the modeling of the face that shows great sophistication. it continues into the very singular proportions and the way connect is tilted slightly to one side and the head looks up just a little bit. The overall impact is extremely powerful.

Something I don't recall seeing on many Southeast Asian bronzes, but the back is unfinished. This is often a sign of very early sculpture.

This is one is not inexpensive, but it is one of the few I would truly call Museum Worthy.  H: 6.5" w/out Base ( 16.51cm) -solid cast and quite heavy. Base is additional 1.5" ( 3.81cm) (total of 8 inches)

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