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AMAZING Korean Buddha with long, elegant proportions. One of the more striking and commanding Buddhas I have come across in a long time. When I first saw it in person, the little hairs on the back of my neck stood up.  
I'm not positive about dating, as I've never seen another exactly like it. Based on other Korean Buddha's as well as Chinese and Japanese Buddhist figures that have related elements, I would date this to the 15th century. if anyone out there has input, please get in touch. It is especially rare not only because of the exceptional sculpting but also because of the complete condition(other than a few minor its of crown and other very small bits). Given how long and delicate the arms and legs are and given how delicate the bits of the crown and ribbons are it's amazing that it's all still there. It's hard to tell in some places what has been repaired, and what was part of the original assembly, as the original sculpture was cast in many parts that were joined together. it does not appear to have had recent significant damage/ repair, though if you buy this I would assume is that it is imperfect and that it has been repaired many times over its five to six hundred years of life. Also, we put something under one corner in order to make it stand up straight for the photos. If you don't put a shim under one side, the statue does lean significantly to one side. This is easy to correct. 
I do believe this is a Buddha you could easily find in a very strong reserve in a high-end auction house. If you've ever looked in Korean antique auctions, there are typically very few bronze Buddhas, and the high-quality ones with good age and size like this one tend to go for extremely high prices.  H 23.5" (59.69cm)

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