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This is a remarkable ascetic Buddha from Thailand, from the late 19th century or earlier. Purchased from a respected San Francisco Bay area scholar in Indian bronzes who reported that it had previously been sold through Jonathan Tucker , London . If you search my website you will find a number of ascetic or starving buddhas that are related to this one, but none of them have the same joyous personality. Some of the others have the most intricate detail to their ribs and veins, but none show the overall balance and artistry that this one displays. It is supremely difficult to take such a challenging subject as the seven year fast of the Buddha and to represent it in a sculpture that encourages people to have thoughts and feelings related to the journey of the Buddha through this difficult time, while at the same time displaying a sculpture that makes them smile and feel better. Spend time gazing into his face and you will see what I mean. He is remarkably balanced and joyful for such a hungry fellow. H 6.25" (15.875cm)

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