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Very rare 10/11thC Cambodian Glass Multi-Arm Tantric Deity. I've seen only three of these in 20+ years. I bought both of these nearly 20 years apart and saw one other almost 25 years ago. the first one I saw was in a very high-end antique shop in Bangkok (one of the few in Thailand where everything was authentic and had correct attributions). they dated there's to the 10th 11th century as being Cambodian glass. they were asking approximately $1,000 in the mid-1990s. I found the first one about five years after seeing the one in Thailand, I only knew what it was because I had seen the first one. I had a custom Stand made for it and kept it in my Personal Collection until I put it up for sale recently. Just last month a close friend who is a scholar in Hindu sculpture purchased this one from an estate of Hindu sculpture. I was thrilled and amazed to find the second one of these nearly 20 years after finding the first one. I found a stand I was able to adapt for it. as you can see it has beautiful black lacquer remaining that the first one does not. It also does not appear to have the chip on the chin that the first one has. H 1.5" (3.81cm)

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