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Masterpiece 15th century Northern Thai bronze Buddha. This is the best of the best. traces of gilding in the crevices of the hair, behind the ears, etcetera. The casting is crisp, the sculpting shows great finesse and depth, the patina he is beautiful and complex and desirable, the proportions are classic, and the face as deep and serene and beautiful as any you will find on any Buddha. It is extremely large and is  the largest high-end period bronze Buddha from Thailand I have ever had the pleasure of offering at 31 inches tall and in the range of 50 to 60 pounds (most of the clay core scooped out) (Outstanding provenance -from the personal collection of Ali A. Abssi (1934-2020) founder of the Ishtar gate Gallery in the Houston Galleria in Houston Texas. Ishtar Gate is known as one of the truly fine antique art galleries in the USA. It hosted high-end collectors from around the world for several decades.  Ali had a legendary eye, and this was one of his prized personal possessions.

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