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Thai 18thC Silver Buddha. An exquisite animated face that is of the quality that is only found on the very best of Buddhas. This type of Buddha is made in an interesting way.  First an armature is made out of some kind of wire or metal in the rough shape of the figure. A clay or wax mixture is then adhered to the armature to form the actual shape of the figure. The silver sheets are then carefully laid over the surface and smoothed into place. 
The details are put into place after the figure is completed. they are very delicate, and it is amazing to have survivors like this one after 200 years (This one is very early Rattanakosin, about 1780-1820). When I got it the finial on top of the head was missing. It had some other damage including being broken off at the ankles from the base. I took it to a very high-end restorer who reattached the statute to the base and who touched up some of the other dings. Because of this, it cannot be shined like regular silver as it has been touched up with restorer materials to make it look good. It is no longer a pure silver surface. The price reflects this. Note that the important parts, especially the face, have not been touched up or repaired in any way.

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