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This is large, Burmese Buddha heavily cast in an 11th 12th century Style. The quality is very high, and the patina suggests that it is hundreds of years old, I am unsure that it is a period piece. I think that it is more likely made in the Shan States of Burma in the 17th or 18th centuries, during a period when there was a resurgence of interest in this kind of art in that area. I believe this due to having handled many Burmese Buddhas over the past three decades. It is possible it is much older (500 years or more). I've tried to give detailed photos so that you can make a determination for yourself. the Buddha does not stand Stably on the base unless it is leaning against a surface such as a wall (he does stand fine on his own without the base). I think this can be easily fixed. I have not had a chance to do so. The Buddha alone is 28"H. Standing on the base it is 32 inches tall. Heavy!!

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