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This is a very distinctive 13/14th-century Standing bronze Korean Buddha. as you can see in the photos, there is a very closely related companion piece, which I am selling on my website as well. My strong preference is that I sell them together, but based on past experience I am offering them separately so that people have the option of considering them apart. I've never seen a pair like this oh, and I doubt that very few search closely related pairs exist in the world, especially in such complete condition with their original hands and bases. 
they are scorpion cast in a delightful provincial Style, which at first is deceptively simple and crude. The reality is that the Sculptor has managed to create very successful spiritual statues that convey powerful imagery- as powerful as many of the most refined images. just look into the face-of this Buddha and its companion.
When I first saw this very distinctive standing Buddha and its counterpart, I immediately thought of Buddha Number 9020 on my website ( If you look at the photos below, you will see one of them that has 9020 alongside this one and its companion piece. As you can see they have a tremendous amount in common, from their oversized heads to the distinctive look and shape of their faces, to the way their robes drape to the way their bases are attached, to the way their backs are open, etc etc.

Someone filled in the back of the two companions with some kind of solid material and then covered the backs with a red leather-like material.  I did not try and remove it myself as it appears to be very embedded into the back of the statue and I fear that if I start to tear off the back of the statue that I will end up with something looking unattractive. someone else may have tried to look under one corner and it may be a little crumbly in one spot. The leather-like material is mostly really well attached. I do believe if someone went to a restore and wanted to have them cleared out professionally that it could be done. I think they look fine the way they are oh, and it just depends if this is the kind of thing that would bother you or not. You can see approximately what the backs would look like by looking at the back of 9020, though that statute was made of iron and is of a very different patina. 14"H x 3.5"W

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