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This amulet is from the final part of my 30-year Personal Collection that I recently decided to put up for sale. I have recently put up the larger items from my Personal Collection, now I'm getting around to making the rest of the collection available to you. Most of these amulets were collected during my forty or fifty trips to SE Asia, from the mid-1980's to the 2000s. I loved to travel to the far north of Thailand and to go to the small villages and to go to the amulet Markets to sit for hours and to learn about the amulets from the man who would sit there all day. I also would go to the amulet shows and contests, and to the larger amulet markets in the cities. The vast majority of these types of amulets are fake, or maybe old copies made to emulate earlier examples. I am not a true expert in these amulets. Unfortunately, I do not speak Thai, so I've never been able to read extensively these amulets as there is very little written in non-thai. I do have a few Thai references, but I can only use them to look closely at patinas, and for the correctness of the way that certain amulets are supposed to look. I have gotten recently good at identifying most fakes, at least according to a number of Thai amulet collectors that I have become friends with, who are people that buy from me on a regular basis. still, always buy this kind of object based on your own gut feelings as you should never believe what anyone else tells you. It does not matter whether they give you a certificate of authenticity, or if they tell you they have a photo of the Buddha himself blessing the amulet. if you know a true expert who has really studied these for many years(and you will find almost nobody like this outside of a Southeast Asian person for someone married to its Southeast Asian person) that is one thing, but almost anyone else is unlikely to be any more reliable than your own gut at telling you whether a piece is correct or not. 

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