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I'm digging into the recesses of my collection and putting up the small treasures I have held onto for decades, as I finally downsize as I move into retirement. 
This is part of a large collection of Thai amulets I purchased almost 25 years ago from an American who had lived in Thailand during the 1960s and had gotten deeply into studying these amulets and collecting them. there are many from the same period in time and from the same Kingdom or part of Thailand, but they have subtle distinctions because they were made by a different Temple or made in a different town or small city. I purchased a number of them that I thought were the best, and have held on to them all these years as I could not bear to part with them (until now) 
I am not knowledgeable enough to be able to tell you which Temple or city this amulet is from. I can tell you that it is authentic. This one in a plex-glass case for wearing (can be opened)

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