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World Class- This is a 5th-10th century bronze Buddha seated in padmasana, hair covering ushnisha, stylized facial features, silver inlaid eyes, elongated earlobes, a garment with folds and voluminous sleeves; hollow-formed. Weighs 310 grams, 10 cm high (4 in."). Reportedly acquired by the late Nik Douglas (1944-2012), a renowned author, curator, and Asian art expert who had gotten it from the "Buckingham Collection" in the 1960s to early 1970s.
I acquired it along with two other items from the same collection (ex. Nick Douglas) that were also in the Buckingham collection. I have a photo Of this piece displayed in an exhibition of Buddhist Bronzes from the Buckingham collection that was put on at the Tibet house in New York City That I will share with the winning bidder. I also have a photo of the cover of the exhibition catalog that I will share as well.

Check back next week as I will be adding more information on this piece as I have at least one reference book (Von Schroeder) that has at least one extremely closely related example dated to the 8th century.

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