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This was bought by the previous owner in May of 1951 at John Sparks, which was a well-known and well-respected Asian antique store that ran for most of the first three-quarters of the 20th century. A copy of the original receipt will be proved to the winner. It appears that the figure must have originally had a separately cast base as the receipt refers to the foot stepping on a lotus. It does appear as if the foot was stepping on something, and it is logical that this is where the lotus would have been. The original receipt also refers to a "Doti" down to her knees", and we believe that John Starks was referring to a piece of stylized material between the figure's legs (cast in bronze) as there is not a dhoti in the way that we understand the use of the word. Spend time looking at all of the smallest detail, from the fingernails and the fleshy part of the fingers, to the expressiveness of the face, to the gentle curves of the body, to the quality of the spots you cannot even see without a flashlight and magnifying glass. Looks to have good age, but I give you 20 high-resolution photos and leave it to you. Size: (11.5"H x 7.75"W)

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