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15thC Northern Thai Buddha /Gold Alloy in Fine Early Leather Victorian Case- Finest Jewel of a Buddha !Supremely Beautiful 15thC Northern Thai Buddha. There are many remarkable things about this Buddha. the thing that first jumps out is the stunning patina, which is like a perfect golden mirror. I believe it is because it is cast of an alloy that is comprised of a very high percentage of gold. I have not done any scientific test so I am not claiming any specific percentage, but based on the weight and the look and feel, this is something special. The case is also something quite lovely, and which very much adds to its history. It is an extremely fine Victorian case. 
It may have come back with a diplomat, with someone doing the Grand Tour, or perhaps on an earlier trade mission. Interestingly, it does appear to have been opened and closed many many times, almost as if it may have sat on a shelf and been used for worship. The price may seem high for such a small  Buddha, but the overall impact it has makes it the best small Northern Thai Buddha I have ever offered for sale. Size, weight

Likely brought to London or Paris 200 years ago by a wealthy traveler or diplomat-possibly a gift to a high level diplomat. I've never seen any alloy ever glow as brightly as this-EVER. Superb face, surface like glass. Buddha height? Weight? Case Size? Probably high % gold, but not tested. 3.875"H - 2.25"W ( .43lbs / .195kg )

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