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19thC/earlier Large Burmese or Himalayan Bronze Dakini From the lifetime collection of Roger McCarthy, who served 30 years in the CIA (1952-1982). During his tenure, he held several positions including Case Officer, Regional Officer in Charge, Deputy Chief of Station, and Chief of Station. He served in numerous countries: Japan, Thailand, India, Nepal, Vietnam, Peru, Burma, and Laos. He was one of the early paramilitary trainers that trained many foreigners for a variety of operations. These operations took place in Indonesia, Korea, Tibet, Vietnam & Laos.

This is a large and lovely Dakini with a wonderful glow to the surface, and a delightful overall balance to the figure. While it would typically be attributed to Tibet or Nepal, over the years I've seen several related examples that were attributed to Burma. I, therefore, leave it to the buyer to determine whether this piece is from Burma or the Himalayas
The size is an impressive 12.625"H x 5"W for the bronze only

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