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Fine Mongolian applique Thangka Probably 50 to 80 years old, made with a dozen+ different types of much older antique silk taken from earlier Buddhist material. Each color of silk has a different pattern and weave. A striking example of its type. These were readily available in the Asian Art market in the 1990s when Mongolia first opened to the west. Now they are almost all made with new silk, as all of the old silk was gone decades ago. Many dealers would sell this as being from the 19th century.  Very hard to find now. I generally only find them, as I did this one and the one posted right next to it, out of an old collection that was put together 30 years ago.

The subject of this piece is a Lama or High Monk Surrounded by a complex array of jungles and mountains. In the upper right-hand corner is a second figure who is in Devotion to the main figure. The second figure is sitting on a wonderful tiger skin with a delightful face. There is a lot going on in this piece. The execution is very skillful and meticulously done.  It is extremely animated and uplifting. Most of these appliques show the same subjects over and over. This one is different from the others I have seen before.
(26.25"H x 17"W)

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