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Country Group: South and Southeast Asia (Thailand, Burma, Laos, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Vietnam)

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This may be my all-time favorite of all the SE Asian Buddhas I have ever owned--and that is saying a lot, as I have owned many thousands over a thirty-year period. Very special transitional Buddha from the Dvarati period to the very earliest of Thai Sukhothai style. Might even call this "Pre-Sukhothai, as it is likely 10/11thC (or a century o earlier or later). Extremely thinly cast, both the body and base have original casting flaws in the front as can be seen in the photo. From a time when bronze was in short supply. The face is remarkable--coming out of the more primitive serious war-like Dvarati type into the more plastic joyful modern Sukhothai-type. This piece is really on the cusp of a breakthrough in SE Asian sculpture from the period where the more modern states (Thailand, Burma, Laos, etc.) can be recognized. The thoughtfulness and calm in the face are like no other Buddha I have had. Bought from a prominent Thai physician who claimed this had been in his family for at least 200 years. He became Christian, was selling his family's Buddha collection, and donating the money to his church. I have not encountered this dynamic before or since, but I was able to buy three incredible pieces from his collection. Sits 7 1/2 inches tall x 5 1/2 inches wide alone and 9 1/2 inches tall on its custom base. Bronze.

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