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Large 19th-century/early 20th Thai bronze Buddha with an Intricate base.  This Buddha is from North Thailand and is a 19th-century emulation of a 14/15th-century Style. The early ones were generally in the 5-6 inch range- This one is an impressive size a full 16 by 12 inches wide at the base.  In order to get this kind of base, Without having the high level of skill and knowledge of the early bronze wax casting to be able to do Buddhas in the 19th century/early 20thC in the old way, Buddhas like this are made in molds. That does not mean it is a fake in any way, As there was a high degree of finishing work done that took great care and attention. If you notice the close-ups, you can see what looks like very fine and small lines incised Into the surface of the metal. They are so fine that you don't see them until you look for them. They are from the original finishing work before they had modern files and other modern finishing tools. It looks as if was lacquered red at one time. ( 11.97lbs / 5.430kg )

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