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Country Group: China, Japan and Korea

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Korean Baby Buddha pointing to heaven and earth. It is dated 16C. Great condition - one finger is missing - common in this form of baby Buddha. The size is quite substantial at 11.75" tall(4.13 lbs / 1.870kg ). He is standing on an extremely fine pad of lotus petals. They are well. cast and modeled. In one of the photos below, you will see this Buddha along with two others that are very closely related. It is clear that all three come from the same time and place in history. They could even be from the same Workshop though they are different enough that I am not confident that this is the case.

Things I've noticed that they all have in common include that they all have beautifully sculpted, cast, and finished faces. The bodies, which are all made of different alloys, are less detailed. The bodies of all three have a distinctive posture that greatly enhances their look.

I think it would be fantastic for someone to acquire all three and keep them together, but I've learned to put the pieces out there and let them decide for themselves. These are the only three I have ever seen quite like them, though they do have many elements in common with other Korean Buddhas I have owned in the past.

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