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This is a very high-quality Ayuthaya Buddha. Exceptional face. Superb face. The base was probably removed hundreds of years ago when bronze was scarce (Wartime). They took the bases (Never part of the Buddha itself!). I have encountered this dozens of times over the decades. It was done in Thailand far more than in other countries. On some Buddhas, they cut up to the edge of the leg. This Buddha is the only cut-off half of the base, which is nice as it still has its visual balance. I added a modern museum-style base to lift it to where it would have been and to make it perfectly even. The Buddha also has a crack running down the chest, with a tiny bit lost. I believe this is from when it was cast, and then it was covered with lacquer and gilding so that it was invisible for much of its life. The casting flaw is apparent now that the lacquer and gilding are gone. The piece is solid and will should break, I cannot say 100% that a small bit will not come loose in shipping. Priced with this taken into account14.75"H x 8.25"W x 4.5"D - ( Knees 8") - 6.67lbs / 3.025kg *( Base is 1.75"H - 1.91lbs )

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